About Us

Kaybaki Translation Office has been established in 2008 by sworn translator Veysel Kaybaki in Antalya. Veysel Kaybaki, who gained his language education abroad (in Canada), has an academic study which you can find at all publishing houses called “FARKLI İNGİLİZCE SÖZLÜK- Different English Dictionary” which aims to teach English language.

Our office provides translation services to Antalya, entire Turkey and abroad. Since we are in the translation business for many years as a team, we are aware of all the problems and solutions related to our occupation. This makes us extremely experienced in how to set the “fast-accurate-cost-effective” solution in optimum degree which serves as the motto of the harmony between “client-translation-translator” trio.

We regard our business as a long-term partnership for both our individual and corporate customers. For us, translation work is not a process that ends with the delivery.

On the contrary, translation relationship is a collaboration that takes years with showing professional sensitivity in protecting customer information, and this relationship continues on the basis of mutual satisfaction and with a team spirit.

Our office produces creative solutions to individual and corporate customers by considering that individual and corporate customers’ needs are different from each other. Especially in the works we do with our corporate customers, both the translation of the documents and the solutions for the translation needs are completed in a speedy and cost-effective manner in line with the work and implementation plan formed by mutual negotiations.

In addition to the translation services to our corporate customers, our firm offers professional services such as specialized and institutionalized lawyers, accounting and consultancy offices, engineering firms and other consulting services.

Our translation office carries out written and oral translation activities in all languages, especially in English, German and Russian. In addition, we provide translation services with our expert sworn translators to all land registry offices in Antalya, public notaries, courthouses (both Antalya Regional CourtHouse and general courthouse).