As it is known, each occupational group uses its own unit of measurement. These units can bekg., meter or liter. As for translation offices, unit of measurement is the number of characters.In other words, sum of written letters and punctuation marks. In this direction, the unit of measurement is 1000 characters. 1000 characters are accepted as one page.

Calculating the number of characters of a writing is easy; you can learn the number of
characters by clicking the “Word Count” in “Review” tab.

As an example, let’s say there are 5400 characters in the word count and the 1000 characters price for that language is 25 TL. In this case, the translation price is 5,4 X 25=135 TL + VAT.

But apart from the general rules stated above, there are some other factors effecting the
pricing. To name some: the urgency of the translation, type of the translation (medical, legal,
commercial, technical), length of the transation and so on.

Exact pricing will be calculated and informed by us upon receiving the documents from the