Oral translation is one of the two basic functions of a translation office. The other is all kinds of written translations. Oral translation mainly consists of two parts: Consecutive and simultaneous translation.

Consecutive translation

In consecutive translation, the person to be translated talks, the speech is listened notes are taken by the translator and then he/she translates. In other words, it is not a simultaneously occurring translation, but a sequential translation. One point of a careful and healthy translation is to keep conversations short so that the translator makes the translation immediately after the speech. It is useful to draw attention to this situation before the translation process starts. If the speech is continuous and too long, it is inevitable to forget some information.

Consecutive translation is widely used; such as in business meetings, court hearings, translations made in notaries, meetings, introductions, conferences, diplomatic meetings, medical examinations in hospitals, tourism, wedding and marriage agencies, chambers of commerce and industry at where company establishments are done, communication of foreigners in prisons and hospitals. Our office provides translation services in all these places mentioned above with our professional and expert staff.

No special equipment is required in consecutive interpreting as in simultaneous translation.

Simultaneous translation

Simultaneous translation is the most difficult type of translation. Here, your chance to listen to conversations and take notes is very limited when compared to consecutive translation. Translator listens to the speaker with headphones in a specially constructed and isolated cabin and starts to translate simultaneously. Using the right words in accordance with the subject of speech and expressing their equivalents in both languages quickly requires serious experience, knowledge and a skill of dexterity. Alongside having a good knowledge of the language, the translator must have a good memory and concentration ability to perform a good simultaneous translation. In relation to that, in meetings, conferences and summits where lots of money and time are spent, choosing an insufficient translator can result in serious problems.

Simultaneous translation also requires special equipment such as a cabin, microphone, headphones and voice communication technology unlike consecutive translation. In our office, due diligence is gained with years of experience to ensure that all oral translations are done smoothly.

Simultaneous translation also requires special equipment such as a cabin, microphone, headphones and voice communication technology unlike consecutive translation. In our office, due diligence is gained with years of experience to ensure that all oral translations are done smoothly.


Any translation other than oral translation is in the scope of written translation. Most of the translation activities consist of written translations. Our office offers written translation services in all languages of the world with the help of tested and talented translators.

In simplest manner of telling, written translation is done with following steps: Translation requests from our customers are priced and payment is taken upon approval of the price, and by assigning translator well-suited to the subject of the translation, the translation is being done. Before the delivery of the document, the we control and proofread the document. Written translations are prepared differently in terms of client’s needs or the institution where the translation is requested. We can group these type of translations as:

Normal translation: Translated document is sent to the customer via internet or print out is taken, original document is printed at the back, signed and sealed by the sworn translator and delivered to the customer.

1- Sworn Translation: The translation is printed out and the source text is copied to the back and signed and stamped by the sworn translator then send to the client.

2- Notary certified sworn translation: The translation is printed out and the source text is copied to the back, after being signed by a sworn translator, is taken to notary for the certification.

3- Apostille Translations: In the case that the translated document will be used abroad, after the notarization, translation is taken to relevant state institutions to make Apostille.

The following is the list of some documents that our office has translated;

Passport translation, Birth Certificate Translation, Health Report Translation, Identity-Driver’s License Translation, Vehicle Purchase and Sale Document Translation, Visa Translation, Adoption Document Translation, Resume (CV) Translation, Marriage Agreement Translation, Diploma Translation, Transcript Translation, Certificate of Identity Register Copy Translation, Criminal Record Document Translation, Single Status Certificate Translation, Civil Registry Copy Translation, Letter of Undertaking Translation, Signature Specimen Translation, Title Book Translation, Divorce Document Translation, ATO Document Translation, Lawsuit File Translation, CE Quality Document Translation, Tax Board Translation, Translation of Power of Attorney, Translation of Immigrant Identity, Company Articles of Association Translation, Residence Certificate Translation, Translation of Tender Files, Formula A Document Translation, Translation of ISO Quality Certificates, Certificate of Inheritance Translation, Translation of Patient Information Documents, ATO Certificate Translation, Case File Translation, Translation of Annual Report, Translation of CE Quality Certificates, Tax Board Translation, Translation of Power of Attorney, Translation of Immigrant Identity, Adoption translation, certificate of residency translation, Translation of Tender Files, Student Certificate Translation, Translation of Profit and Loss Reports, Translation of Court Documents, Health Report Translation, Translation of Prosecution Documents, Translation of Insurance Companies’ Documents, Website Translation, Corporate Reporting & Presentation Support, Catalog, Brochure (Promotional Material) Translation, Local Representation Services Documents Translation, Reservation & Appointment Support Services Documents Translation, Document Processing and Printing Services Documents Translation, Hearings, Testifies and Patrol Queries Translations, Contracts, Agreements, Import and Export Documents Translations, Translation of International Correspondence, Memorandum of Association Documents Translation, Book Translation, Magazine Translation, Notary Documents Translation, Personal Correspondence Translation, Daily Business Correspondence Translation, Scientific, Medical Articles Translation, Translation of Technical and Administrative Specifications, Translation of Legal Documents, Translation of Drug Registration Documents, Prospectus Translation, Translation of Turkish Legislation, Translation of EU Legislation, Customs Documents Translation, Translation of Ad Texts to be Published Abroad, Press Releases Translation, Thesis and Article Translations, Translation of Power of Attorney, Translation of Law, Protocol Translation, Pre-Protocol Translation, Commercial Legislation Translation, Privacy Policy Translation, License Agreement Translation, Patent Agreement Documents Translation, Dealership Agreement Documents Translation, Franchise Agreement Documents Translation, Distributorship Agreement Documents Translation, Translation of Sales Contract, Share Purchase Agreement,   Leasing Agreement Translation, Translation of Court Decision, Translation of Divorce Decision, Commitment Translation, Translation of Letter of Consent, Testament of Will Translation, Record of Trial Translation, Translation of the Supreme Court Decision, Circular Translation, Translation of Audit Report, Waybill Translation, Translation of Progress Payment Report, Translation of Residence, Technical Procedure Translation, Bank Account Abstract Translation, Market Review Translation, Final Act Document Translation, Translation of Annual Report, Feasibility Report Translation, Financial Report Translation, Real Estate Valuation Translation, Approximate Cost Translation, Financial Web Site Translation, Financial Status Presentation Translation, Economic Data Translation, Sponsorship Agreement Translation, Financial Bulletin Translation, Salary List Translation, SSI Service List Translation, Investment Incentive Certificate Translation, Salary Payroll Translation, Erasmus Acceptance Certificate Translation, Translation of Pledge Agreement, Translation of Certificate of Movement, Income-Expense Statement Translation, ATA Carnet Translation, Translation of ATR Movement Document, EUR-MED Movement Document Translation, Translation of Provisional Acceptance Certificate, Final Acceptance Record Translation, Business Document Translation, Translation of Ethical Rules, Translation of Working Principles, Business Contract Translation, Translation of Material Explanations, Production License Translation, Service Competence Certificate Translation, Translation of Strategy Document, Action Plan Translation, Translation of Meeting Notes, Translation of Board of Directors Decision, Tax Board Translation, Translation of Visa Documents, Activity Certificate Translation, Trade Registry Gazette Translation, Corporation’s Charter Translation, Company Master Agreement Translation, HR Report Translation.


Our office is located at the main street in Konyaalti, Antalya and within walking distance to the Migros 5M-largest shopping center, central park, courthouse, tax office, Akdeniz University, hospitals and beach.

Our office is equipped with all technical tools, internet, printer and office furniture and is ready to use. It is specifically designed to meet the temporary office requirements of our customers from abroad and upstate. Our office can be rented weekly or monthly. Our office has a common kitchen, 2 WC and 3 balconies. All rooms are air-conditioned. Our office is non-smoking. Free parking spaces are available in our office building. In the case of demand, the price will be discussed according to the time and nature of the work.


Our office provides professional translator accompaniment and consultancy services for individuals and especially for corporate clients. These services include meeting your guests from abroad, providing full-time translation and accompaniment services to foreigners during their travels, visits and interviews, full-time translation and consultancy services for trade fairs, trade conferences, other organizations and business dinners that you will attend in upstate or abroad.


Individual or group-specific Turkish lessons are given by the experienced and expert Turkish language and literature teacher in our office for foreigners. This program will be carried out by providing speaking, reading, writing, listening activities of the language that are interactive and entertaining. Subtleties and beauty of Turkish language will be presented continuously. In addition, Turkish and literature courses are given to the students as a preparation for the university exam. Our teacher has written a source book in this field and she has many students who have taken a high degree in university exam preparation courses. Due to the fact that these Turkish courses are private, meeting will be held in case of a request, so that the curriculum can be created by taking into account the student’s level and needs.