As is known, each occupational group uses its own measurement units in pricing. These are kg, meters, liters etc. may be. The measure used by translation agencies is the character or the number of strokes. That is the sum of the letters or punctuation marks written. Accordingly, the unit measure is 1000 characters. In other words, 1000 characters are considered as 1 page.

It is quite simple to calculate how many characters a text has; You can learn the number of characters by clicking “Word Count” in the “Review” tab in the word file.


For just an example, let’s say “word count” contains 5400 characters and the price of 1000 characters for that language is 25 TL. In this case, the translation price will be (5.4 X 25 = 135 TL + VAT).

But apart from the general rule above, there are other factors that affect pricing. These are factors such as the urgency of the translation, the type of translation (medical, legal, commercial, technical), the size of the text to be translated.

The exact pricing will be calculated and notified by us after the documents are sent on the client’s side.



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